How dare they?

How dare they?

How dare they?

Do people realize how they are perceived, how their actions harm others? Are they so blind to think all this mess belongs to someone else? I think they must be unaware, else how do they sleep at night? They must believe their choices are Right.

I once was certain, myself. Looking back, I am sure that I caused harm to others based on my convictions. Convictions I no longer hold. Digging through my memories to try and see how much carnage my stupidity caused. Thus far, I’d guess it’s a fraction of the damage left by these particular others.

I’ve found myself seeking out people and apologizing for my ignorance, for preaching at them when I should have been cheering them on, for supporting a system that tore them down. It feels good to own up to any part I played in all of this. Also, the responses I’ve gotten from people have been reassuring, which is a bit hopeful. Not that I’m out to merely make myself feel better – I’d like to undo what damage I can, if possible.

I think that my simple acknowledgement is healing for those I’ve spoken with thus far. One of the biggest frustrations is this inability for the abusers in question to recognize that they have hurt people. Their bubble of denial creates a continued state of wounding.

But, perhaps it’s not simply denial. Maybe they are entirely unable to see themselves for what they are:

“A beast does not know that he is a beast, and the nearer a man gets to being a beast, the less he knows it.”
― George MacDonald

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